BLIND TREASURE CHEST & MYSTERY CANVAS TOTE SEALED ONE BID AUCTION - Sealed Treasure Chests & Totes- Possibilities Include - Gold, Diamond, Gemstone, Jewellery, Collector Coins, Banknotes, Watches, Stamps, Surprise Items, Every Chest & Tote Will Have at Least One GOLD, PLATINUM, or SILVER Fractional Sealed & Certified Bullion Bar. Chances to Find a Genuine 10kt or 14kt Gold Genuine Emerald Pendant & Chain Set (Over $500.00 Value) Free Shipping Vouchers, 24KT G.P. Sports Medallions, Art Cards & More. "SEALED BID" AUCTION - Make One Bid Only - Your Highest Bid. Bids Must Exceed $50.00 On Treasure Chest & $25.00 on Mystery Tote.

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